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• 6/2/2018

Heart Attacks?

My whole entire group randomly died of heart attacks and one bled out (i didn't know he was hurt) but that came suddenly without warning. All of my structures were working fine and nothing else was wrong.
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• 10/24/2017

mysterious hatch in the wasteland

is there a code for the mysterious hatch in the waste land? and is there a way to keep your pet a live longer?
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• 7/7/2018

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• 9/3/2017

Days requirement

It seems the game has days requirement for many things such as
The day for the corp faction and the maruder faction to arrive,
The day for crash site quest is activated or
The day for extened family quest is activated.
I am pretty sure it is over 100 days or many things needs to wait until all factions arrive to activate.
Currently, I scaned frequency 10 times in a row and there was no result including The maruder, The corps and extended family. I could not find crash site quest even I walked over mountain pretty much everywhere.
My day number was less than 100. It was the second shelter. Recycling machine was bugged due to raid. My camper van was completely fixed. I played on hard core mode and was sitting on 900+ water, 100+ fuel and 100+ food cans.
I was so sure that there is a days requirement and it was annoying.
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• 4/3/2016

This wikia in spanish

Please translate this wikia in the lenguage spanish =D
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• 10/2/2015

Blueprints, Camper

I am wondering how many blueprints are out there? According to this wiki only 2, and I already have the auto pantry. Also, once I find the distributor (which is apparently rare, 90+ days in), will anything in my game really change? Is the goal just to survive forever?
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• 8/5/2015

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