Anti-Radiation Tablets
"Medication effective in relieving and preventing symptoms of radiation poisoning."

Anti-Radiation Tablets are most often found in Pharmacies but can also pop up infrequently in Markets and emergency facilities such as Fire Stations or Police Stations.

Anti-Radiation Tablets can be taken in the shelter to instantly relieve the status effect of Radiation Poisoning. They can also be taken in advance of leaving the shelter for protection against Radiation Poisoning for 4 days. If taken to relieve Radiation Poisoning the protection effect is also applied for 4 days. Works very well on those using the Van on expedition as quite often even a long trip falls under 4 days. If not using the van then this comes in handy for very short trips.

Statistics Edit

Stack Size: 5

Trade Value: 40

Incinerator Value: 0

Recycling Plant Output: N/A