Auto Pantry

This large pantry is capable of storing 40 rations of food as well as generating its own food.


15x Wood

12x Nail

6x Wiring


  • Eat food: Allows the character to decrease their hunger stat (May cause Food Poisoning if your dirtiness stat is too high).
  • Deconstruct: Take down to retrieve parts according to the cost (Deconstructing gives less than cost but having the "Resourceful" Trait can give you more than you would usually get deconstructing but still less than the cost).

Effect Edit

The Auto Pantry provides 1 food per 24 hours when provided with electricity. Multiple Auto Pantries will provide food every 24 hours corresponding with the number of Auto Pantries you have, sharing storage as per normal. Assuming you have an Excellent Stove, each Auto Pantry will provide sufficient food for one survivor if he doesn't have the Overeating trait, meaning your can easily use Auto Pantries as both a main food supply as well as a reserve supply if enough of them can be built, You can also take advantage of the 24h = 1 food concept, if you have alot of auto pantries you can get rid of the need to collect food as you can leave your Auto Pantries to deliver your food, Unlike the Auto Water Butt, there is not a storage for water on the wall, If you put Tiny Pantries over the Auto Pantry you can use useless space for more food storage, making it just another Large Pantry but it can generate food, doing this can be a huge step forward in the game!