Expeditions are done in order to find items. There is a chance of finding more survivors along the way.

You can set them up by clicking on the map in your shelter and choosing the characters you want to send out. After that you choose what equipment will they use and what will they carry. The items that they carry are shared among the party. They can carry a max of 12 items, but there are items that can increase the max amount you can carry in an expedition. The expedition costs water, this cost increases the more distance you assign your party to travel (The total amount of waypoints doesn't directly affect this).

Your characters can move faster and carry more items if they can fix the van, but for that they need to find the missing parts. Notably the van party is limited to 32 slots vs 36 of a two person party with Large Rucksacks, also you (sensibly) cannot equip member(s) using the van with additional capacity.

You can recall your expedition party back to the shelter by clicking on the radio transmitter and clicking on recall. Handy when you run out of space. It can take them a short time or a bit more of time depending on the distance.

While setting up the expedition, the characters that are involved cannot be using hazmat suits since they are too delicate for the wasteland.

There are different situations that are triggered by arriving to a location or searching a location such as meeting a group of people/ a person who want to trade. They are all notified through a radio transmission that you can either accept or reject.

As can happen with games that are still in development, there is a bit of a bug where if you save/exit then load the game the characters who were on expedition will not get Perception experience for locations that they visited before saving/loading. They will get Perception experience for locations visited after the load just fine. In general it's best to save/exit your game when everyone is home in the shelter.

You are somewhat limited to 4 expedition parties. If you have 4 parties out and about and you try to start another expedition, you will be presented with the people who are already on the 4th expedition, starting from the final screen instead of the normal character selection screen. Notably if you back out of this with the ESC key instead of using the X in the top right corner, you will end up de-equipping the 4th expedition party members. This can be a problem if you had them wearing a mask as they will arrive home with radiation sickness. You can't use this bug to empty their inventory, only to alter what they are wearing.

Arriving at a location


Being signalled by a survivor

Signal Survivor

or if your Perception/Dexterity is high enough:

File:Signal Survivor Sneak.png

Fighting a survivor

File:Survivor Fight.png

Talking to a survivor with the option to trade, recruit, or bully them.

File:Survivor Option.png

Finding items

Finding Items

Mechanics and Timings1 Edit

This section is for a variety of tidbits that could use some better organization or are somewhat rough estimates.

When setting up an expedition to visit locations that you have already visited, as long as the sites you want to visit clearly touch the line of travel, they will (generally) be visited. This is easier to control if you tick to non-diagonal lines of travel. In other words you can visit multiple sites by selecting the first and last site.

For locations that have not yet been visited there is a chance when the party comes near enough (the circle around the party) that they will offer to visit the location via radio.

It's not certain that every location that is unknown will be visited if it's on the line of travel.

Fuel (Van) Edit

Fuel usage is pretty simple. Formula: (Water-1)/4. In words, take how much water the game states you will need, subtract 1, then divide by 4. This is regardless of 1 or 2 person party.

Water and Time Edit

Since Anti-Radiation Tablets only last 4 days it's useful to know how far you can send members who are pre-dosed against radiation. That distance is nearly 40 water units for a 2 person party or 80 water units for a 1 person party. Since this is the in game value it already includes water needed for return trip.

Caveats Edit

  • Best shave a couple of water units off as the data is based on the moment both members of the party have left as well as when they first reach the hatch.
  • This estimate is rather rough at the moment and takes into account not mere travel but also scouting and combat.
  • This does not take into account visiting previously unvisited locations (displayed as '?' on the map).
  • The more precise estimate of daily travel is currently 10.23 water per day (the game will display this as 11). That is for 2 people, double the number for a lone individual.
  • This doesn't take into account travel in Van or party members who have either the Proactive or Lazy Traits.
  • No data as yet on 2 person parties both with Proactive.
  • No data as yet on 1 person Proactive party.

Really Rough Stuff Edit

  • The Trait Proactive appears to shave about 30% off the travel time. So 1 party member with Proactive should enable a 2 person party to travel 14.68 water units per day or about 56 water units while protected by Anti-Radiation Tablet. Again double those if the Proactive person is alone.
  • Van appears to allow in excess of 70 water units within 4 days.
  • The Trait Lazy likely will apply a roughly 30% reduction in distance travelled or only 7 units of water per day, 28 units for 4 days.

1I've been fiddling with this stuff for a while and recently have enough confidence to post some details. I've gone ahead an posted some details I have less confidence in, such as the "Really Rough Stuff." I've tried to cover the gaps in my data in the "Caveats" section. -Profound_Darkness (talk)