Description Edit

First Aid Kit
First aid kits can generally be found in Pharmacies and Hospitals but can also be found in other locations less often such as Police Stations. They can also be crafted via the Work Bench.

"Medical supplies used to regain health. Will also cure bleeding when used."

Shelter Usage Edit

When used in a shelter via the Medicine Cabinet, First Aid Kits will not only end the beeding status effect but also greatly increase the speed of healing. A nearly dead character using a First Aid Kit before going to bed post expedition is likely to get out of bed fully healed.

Combat Usage Edit

When used in combat via the Items menu will not only remove the bleeding status effect but heal a significant amount of health instantly. Not a bad idea to take one or two on Expeditions for when things get rough.

Statistics Edit

Stack Size: 25

Trade Value: 30

Incinerator Value: 0

Recycling Plant Output Edit

2x Bandages
2x Duct Tape
Duct Tape

Crafting Cost Edit

1x Bandages
1x Duct Tape
Duct Tape
1x Nail
1x Nylon