Motors are items found while on expeditions or trading . They can be used in crafting, or to upgrade.

"A small electrical motor. Used in system upgrades and crafting."

Statistics Edit

Stack Size: 5

Trade Value: 3

Incinerator Value: 2

Recycling Plant Output Edit

4x Wiring

The use of Motors
In Crafting In Upgrades
Ammunition Press
Ammunition Press
Capacity 3
Generator Capacity 3
Small Freezer
Small Freezer
Efficiency 2
Generator Efficiency 2
Medium Freezer
Medium Freezer
Decontamination 3
Oxygen Filter Decontamination 3
Large Freezer
Large Freezer
Decontamination 2
Water Filter Decontamination 2
Durability 4
Water Filter Durability 4
Efficiency 3
Water Filter Efficiency 3