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This is a fan made Wikia for the game Sheltered from Unicube and Team17.

What is Sheltered?Edit

Sheltered is a 2D post-apocalyptic game made by Unicube (, and published by Team17.

Sheltered is a strategy game where you're set the task of keeping your family alive in the cut-throat, desolate expanse that is the post-apocalyptic era.

Two parents, two children. Given a head-start over the billions lost in the nuclear holocaust, you start in an almost impenetrable underground fortress designed to keep a family alive and well.

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Sheltered Launch Trailer


Game News
November 13: Sheltered Hotfix released. See the Changelog for more info.
Novemeber 12: Hatch Notes #3 released. See the Changelog for more info.
Wiki News
August 05: New admins: Axioras, Clipster(also founder)

External Links
Sheltered Subreddit
Sheltered on Steam
Discuss the game on Steam!

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